Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and E3 2019 - Hype Function

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and E3 2019.png

Jeffery is joined by Chris Seekell to discuss Chris’ trips to Galaxy’s Edge and E3 2019. Learn more about this brand-new Star Wars theme park, in addition to the annual E3 video game convention (and some more information about Star Wars video games), and predictions for next year’s Star Wars Celebration, as Jeffery cannot contain his HYPE for this awesome stuff! Don’t forget about the awesome Hype Factor segment at the end, where they discuss what they’re most excited about!

Recorded June 29, 2019


Podcast begins: 2:53

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: 4:04

E3 2019: 50:36

Star Wars: Celebration Anaheim tickets are sold out: 1:14:15

HYPE FACTOR: 1:25:46

Jeffery White