Breaking: Pokémon Sword and Shield: Multiplayer Camping Feature and New Pokémon

Today more information of on the multiplayer aspects of Pokémon Sword and Shield was revealed; alongside two new Pokémon, and customization info.

First off is the new Pokémon Cramorant: the gulp Pokémon. It seems to be based on a Grey heron, which inhabits the United Kingdom. This flying/water type with the new ability “Gulp Missile” in which Cramorant will catch prey after using surf or dive and then proceeds to fire the prey as a projectile. The prey in the trailer is unknown, though given we have had Pokémon in the official art of another Pokémon to create a bond in their lore (Mantine and Remoraid) it is not unlikely that it’s a new Pokémon.

The other new Pokémon is Polteageist: Black Tea Pokémon. This ghost type haunts a slightly broken teapot, themselves being made of sentient tea, spawning a new Polteageist is poured. The connection to the United Kingdom goes without saying, but I’ll say that as someone who adores Pokémon based on inanimate objects, this is one of my favorites already.

Speaking of Pokémon themselves, Alcremie will have a minor visual change depending on what flavor of the Pokémon you catch. Thus far there seem to be at least 16 versions shown on the Pokémon website.

The camping feature seems to function like more casual Secret Bases; with trainers displaying their team and being able to interact. This feature will allow trainers to play with their Pokémon in a more in depth manner than Pokémon-amie.

Another feature in the camp will be the ability to cook curry; with the help of your Pokémon. Given the removal of Poffins and Pokéblocks from the past few generations, this is a welcome addition. Depending on what recipe you make, your Pokémon’s stats will change, as well as EXP gained, and friendship grown. Not to mention being a nice reference to something (albeit via horrific means) connected to the UK.

Building upon the additions to multiplayer; when link-battling players will have custom League Cards they can collect. You can customize your own, and receive those of other characters in game. This is particularly meaningful since customization is back in full force.

Trainer customization will be more in depth than ever, and can be changed at various boutiques and hair salons across Galar. Here’s hoping more diversity in skin color will be available, as well as the ability to play as a non-binary trainer. No indication yet, but one can hope the representation will be present.

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