BREAKING: Pokémon Sword and Shield Rivals, Evil Team, New Pokémon Forms Announced

Today Pokémon dropped another trailer for Sword and Shield, this one revealing a lot in a short amount of time. For starters Galarian forms: just like Alola forms these Pokémon are going to have a different design than their normal incarnations; a design that fits with Galar’s theme.

First off is Weezing’s Galarian form, based very clearly on a stereotypical industrialist, with a top hat that doubles as a smoke stack. Weezing’s smoke stacks apparently purify polluted air that they inhale. This furthers the region’s allusions to Britain’s serious history of pollution and mass industrialization. This new form of Weezing will be a poison/fairy type.

Next up is the Galarian form for the Zigzagoon line. Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone seem to be based on KISS and.or goth fashion. Galarian Zigzagoon is alluded to being the oldest form of the species, with its restlessness being how it spread out and inhabited other regions. Both Zigzagoon and Linoone are shown to be overly aggressive and big among some anti-authority youths.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of this trailer and the new forms was the confirmation of new evolutions for previous evolution lines. Obstagoon is the new evolution of Linoone, it will be dark/normal type just like its Galarian pre-evolutions. The return of new evolutions, specifically for non-gen 1 Pokémon is a great move.

The trailer also revealed a totally new Pokémon: Morpeko the Two-Sided Pokémon. Morpeko is this region’s Pikachu clone and will be electric/dark. The key feature with Morpeko is it’s ability to change forms every turn with its ability “Hunger Switch”, with full belly mode making the signature move electric, while hangry mode makes the move (Aura Wheel) dark type.

Aside from Pokémon the trailer also revealed two new rivals, the first of which is Bede. The second is Marnie. Not much is known about Bede other than him being endorsed by Rose. Marnie has a large fanbase who I will get to next. Marnie’s signature Pokémon is a Morpeko.

Speaking of Marnie’s fans, they are named Team Yell and seem to be the villain team (or perhaps just one of them), super fans who are essentially punks who try to obstruct you along your journey. Marnie does not seem to approve of their obstruction and is the only one who can calm down their fervor.

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