BREAKING: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Special Look

Yesterday’s D23 showed off new footage of The Rise of Skywalker behind closed doors. Today that footage was made available to the public.

For just a few new seconds of footage there is a lot to unpack. First of all it looks like the people of Pasaana are having a celebration for our heroes, and another shot of Leia on what is almost certainly Yavin IV. 

Then we get the really interesting stuff, what looks to be a Resistance fleet, made up of T-70 X-wings, B-wings, Y-wings, and A-wings. Along with the CR90 that had appeared at the end of of a sizzle reel at celebration on the Yavin IV. looking planet.

Against that fleet is a ludicrously huge fleet made up of Imperial class 1 Star Destroyers. Along with what seems to be Finn and Jannah reacting to the fleet from inside the Falcon. Yet more proof of just how Dark Empire this film is going to be in terms of inspiration; and I am here for it.

If that wasn’t scary enough, we also have a plant being hit by an orbital bombardment, and Threepio with red eyes.

Also Kylo marching away from his modified TIE-Striker from the teaser, and Rey training in what is again maybe Yavin IV.

Finally Sheev’s voice kicks in to intimidate (seemingly) Rey; as we cut to Rey and Kylo fighting on top of the structure from previous photos and the new poster. Likely the Second Death Star; with the final shot being Rey in Sith garb with a folding double bladed red lightsaber.

I’ll say this much, I wanted Dark Side Rey after TFA; that went away when TLJ was being built up, but it is still really neat to see that imagery. Now the question really boils down to if this is a vision or real; my bet (based on nothing) is that this is a vision Palpatine is showing Kylo in order to make him fear being replaced. After all he wanted to “finish what (Vader) started” and what would cement him as being above even the Sith, than joining Palpatine and inevitably killing him, thus taking his place?

As for Rey’s side of things, I don’t doubt that she is still struggling, however I don’t think he being tempted by Palpatine will mean much to her after she just finished hr version of that exact arc last film. However the hero pretending to turn dark thing is right out of Dark Empire.

Finally the fleet related stuff: this confirms the Y-wing we saw in the leaked poster, and introduces a Resistance B-wing which as a B-wing fanboy I am very happy about. We will have to wait and see about a full fledged Resistance fleet. However Rise of Resistance and Armada have both added to the possibility, as does the synopsis of the “Allegiance” comic. Those being Imperial class 1 Star Destroyers in the previous trailer is also confirmed now. However it now seems they are not Resistance controlled, but rather Palpatine’s fleet in hiding.

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