BREAKING: Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

Today Star Wars released the first trailer for the second and final season of Star Wars Resistance.

First off, it seems the show really is going down a Battlestar Galactica-esq path with shortages and constantly having to evade attacks. It appears that tensions on the Colossus are high as the civilians, Aces, Resistance operatives, and pirates are all butting heads. Interestingly Doza refers to them being in the middle of a war, I don’t know if he just means caught in the middle and evading capture, or if the Colossus has essentially become Resistance property. It might take a while before they reveal that fact to the rest of the station if they are working fully with the Resistance.

The Aces do seem to be much more involved in the action this season however. Notably Griff and Freya are both involved in scenes out of the cockpit of their fighters. Heck Griff even gets a line that is not “I’m hit”. Oh the times they are a changing. Kragan’s pirates are also going to be no stranger to action this season if the trailer is an indicator.

While the station drama is happening, it seems the First Order is hunting down the Colossus, not far behind. This doesn’t seem to be going super well however, with Phasma threatening to flat out have Pyre executed. It seems this is early on right before TLJ, as Phasma is soon to be dead or at least missing a chunk of her helmet. Tam has gone full blown First Order, having joined the Star Fighter Corps, and appears to be tracking the Colossus with a com-link; selling her friends out to Tierny. There is a scene later in the trailer in which Kaz and Neeku are escaping a FO facility while dressed like Matt the radar tech, there is also a TIE getting shot by Stormtroopers, which is almost certainly them escaping, likely from an attempt to “rescue” Tam. We also see the Fireball escaping an SD, with one of the attacking TIE pilots zoomed in on, my bet is that is Tam chasing after Kaz.

Between chases the Colossus is seemingly investigating worlds that could help them out, or serve as a new home. Thus far there are: a small outpost looking place, 1 if not 2 aquatic planets given the two distinct aquatic aliens we see, a planet with vegetation inhabited by Gozzos (Flix’s species), and a snow planet. We see at least the aquatic world fighting the First Order seemingly alongside the Colossus. With one of the aquatic species’ members saying that entire worlds have fallen in line almost instantly. The trailer also shows off a casino looking station run by a very friendly Hutt who seems to be close to Hype.

The First Order threat does indeed seem to be more dangerous than ever, including a new trooper design, and a new fighter model that seems to be a bomber of sorts. I would not be shocked if the TIE Echelon from Galaxy’s Edge makes an appearance as well. The First Order looks to be constantly on the attack, with Resurgent-class SDs everywhere they go; a far cry from the limited approach they used in season 1 when hiding their true might.

On top of overt First Order strength, an unknown figure (who may or may not be Kaz’s father) warns Kaz that there are bounty hunters after them. In the trailer itself we see Sidon Ithano-The Crimson Corsair, an Iktotchi, the Guavian Death Gang, and some reprogrammed B2-Super Battle Droids. Ithano being present means it is almost a given that Kix (a Clone from TCW who Ithano thawed out in a short story) will show up. There are some vessels chasing the Fireball that, given their color scheme, might be Guavian given that it looks sorta like the blurry image of a Guavian ship we get in TFA. Another scene shows a new vessel chasing the Fireball, but I cannot place whose ship it is.

Not everything this season seems to be revolving around the battle with the First Order, or saving the Colossus; we get a brief bit of Kaz, Eila, and Kel searching some ruins. It seems this season will continue Eila’s Force sensitivity, with them investigating similar but different symbols as to the one the kids have, and that was on the building in The Core Problem. An old woman tells them that an artifact we see is a power source from an ancient time……a source that has the classic pyramidal shape of Sith artifacts as well as being surrounded by red glowing symbols.

Speaking of evil dark side users: Kylo! The Supreme Leader himself makes a cameo at the end, assuring Tierny and Pyre that if they fail he will send someone else to handle their job. All the while, from across the galaxy, moving Tierny’s hand to her blaster in a terrifying display of control. Matt Wood will be voicing Kylo Ren this season.

Thus far the Resistance itself has been more or less missing, but there are several shots with X-wings in them. One escaping past Tierny, another of a fighter being chased away from an SD by TIEs with one pilot being focused on (my guess is that is Tam chasing down Kaz), and a shot of several X-wings, the Fireball, and several transports that sorta look like fueling ships. The X-wings seem to be unique, the prevailing theory is they are modified T-65s, probably a specialized model the New Republic has mothballed. They have something on the inside of the bottom wings, and have only laser cannons on the top wings. Interesting indeed, and seemingly in NR colors.

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