BREAKING: Pokémon Sword and Shield News. More Pokémon and Gym Leaders Revealed

Pokémon Sword and Shield continue to march on past the controversy over the removal of the National Dex (or as some have begun to call it: Dexit) with a new trailer featuring several new Pokémon, gym leaders, and a new element of the Dynamaxing feature.

Let’s start off with Gigantamaxing, which is essentially the previously revealed Dynamaxing, but the appearance of the Pokémon changes as well. These Pokémon can also use a special: G-move, seemingly similar to Generation Seven’s Z-moves. The Poké article indicates that Pokémon that can Gigantamax are rare and not all members of eligible species can do so.

The trailer also introduces two new supporting characters: Chairman Rose and Oleana. Rose is the president of a major corporation and chairman of the Pokémon League. His company was the first to sponsor the champion Leon, and was responsible for making the League so popular through televised Dynamazing.

Rose’s company’s Vice President Oleana is also revealed here. According to the site, she is the one who runs to company day to day. Now for baseless speculation, I predict one of them - if not both are leaders of the evil team. Particularly due to Rose leading both the League and sponsoring its champion via his company. That is a major conflict of interests, but even if that is not something the game will deal with; I do suspect that Rose has something to do with Leon’s undefeated record. If nothing else having a character with that much power and hold, who personally profits from all sectors of this world is prime villain material.

Speaking of the league we also meet two gym leaders in the trailer: Bea the fighting-type expert, and Allister the ghost-type expert. For the first time since Black and White with their Opelucid gym, we will have different gym leaders based on which game you are playing. Bea will be present in Sword, Allister in Shield.

As for the new Pokémon revealed they are: Alcremie, Yamper, Rolycoly and, Duraludon. Starting with Alcrmie; Alcrmie is the latest in a line of pastry based Pokémon. It’s major significance thus far is its Gigantamax form, that of a giant cake. Often the most obvious choice is the greatest one.

Yamper was revealed in the gameplay demo at E3, but now we have some details. The internet already fell in love with this electric Corgi Pokémon, and it is hard to blame them. Yamper’s ability “Ball Fetch” is a new one and I cannot decide if it is great or useless save for very particular situations. Essentially if it has no item it will bring back the first Pokéball you throw and miss.

Rolycoly is a rock-type that is partly made of coal. With its ability and the region’s focus on industrialization, this thing better evolve into a steam train. It seems to be based on a roly-poly, the toy not the bug, with the site referencing that it moves smoothly regardless of terrain. The lore around Rolycoly is also neat, they used to be used in every household as a more efficient form of coal. Reminds me of how Darumaka droppings used to be used inside of clothing in order to keep people warm.

Lastly is Duraludon, the first steel-dragon type since Dialga. The trailer draws a neat comparison between it and Tyranitar. The lore showcases why, they both eat mountains, though Duraludon grinds down the ore before hand. The asymmetric design of the arms assisting with grinding down rock is a great detail.