BREAKING SDCC Star Trek Picard First Trailer

Star Trek Picard received its first official trailer today at San Diego Comic Con.

We all suspected Spiner would make a cameo, but I didn’t expect to see him in the flesh in the trailer. Chances are that ending scene is just in a holodeck, which makes the emotional punch even harder. Frakes has been confirmed to not only be directing an episode, but will return as Will Riker alongside Mariana Sirtis as Troi.

However in terms of totally unfounded surprises, the return of Jeri Ryan and Jonathan Del Arco as Seven of Nine and Hugh respectively. The Seven reveal makes this the second time Voyager has crossed paths with Picard, with the prior case being Janeway returning as an admiral in Nemesis.


Picard’s new crew has been unveiled, though seemingly no news about the name of the ship they are on. The core of the story seems to revolve around Dahj, the mysterious girl who is seemingly a former Borg, played by Ira Briones.


Dahj’s story is clearly connected to the snapshots of the Romulans we see. It appears that what is left of the Star Empire has begun further investigations of the Borg. While the Countdown comic tie in to the 2009 film seems to be non-canon, it does seem that some elements like the Romulans using Borg tech are going to be retained.

We see new War Birds, Romulans imprisoning former Borg, a Borg autopsy, and War Birds surrounding a Borg Cube. The destruction of Romulus and the ensuing political fallout appear to the the crux of the series’ plot.

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