BREAKING: Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost Audio Drama Announced

Star Wars has had a long history of audio books for prose, comics, and films going back to the 1980s. Now Star Wars is about to take those decades of well produced audio adaptations to the natural evolution: audio dramas. Today March 27th official Del Rey twitter account unveiled an original audio story from Penguin Random House Audio focused on Ventress discovering Count Dooku’s past.

Along with a synopsis for the story


Writer Cavan Scott may be familiar to Star Wars fans from his work on IDW’s Star Wars: Adventures comics. the Tales From Vader’s Castle mini, and the Adventures in Wild Space novels. Tales from Vader’s Castle issue 2 heavily involved Dooku, however Cavan’s credentials for this project have more to do with his wealth of work for Big Finish Productions.

Big Finish is famous for their massive library of Doctor Who audio dramas that started up during “The Wilderness Years” between the end of the original show’s run and the 2005 relaunch. Big Finish continues today with a heavily interconnected universe of Doctor Who stories, that use the original casts, including modern actors and any classic series actor.

Cavan Scott wrote several Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 audio dramas for Big Finish, so his professional work with this underused medium makes him an amazing choice. Personally I am a strong supporter of bringing back the audio exclusive format, and thus seeing Star Wars fully dip it’s toes into original audio stories is great news.

As for the story itself, Dooku’s past is something that has rarely received much in the way of direct attention. There have certainly been a wellspring of stories with him alluding to it, or it being discussed with the most fascinating of snippets, but never a full story set during his time as a Jedi focused on him. Fan outcry for such a story has been a constant since AOTC, but especially with the fascinating glimpses we saw in the works of Jude Watson and James Luceno.

Above all else, the ties to Dooku’s time as a Jedi, and relationship with Yoda are the backbone of my favorite Star Wars story bar-none: Yoda” Dark Rendezvous by Sean Stewart. So if Cavan Scott can make me feel even a sliver of the emotions about Yoda, Dooku, Ventress, and the nature of master and apprentice; that that book did, then we are all in for a treat.

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