Star Wars Resistance Mid-Season Trailer and Update.

Star Wars Resistance returns from its mid-season break on January 13th! Today the Star Wars Youtube channel dropped our first trailer for the second half of the season along with confirmation of a second season this year. As one can tell from my reviews on the series, I am ecstatic for the show to be back, and this trailer somehow made me even more hyped.

2019-01-09 (3).png

I will not do a breakdown, but I will cover some of the things that got me most excited. For starters the gradualness of the First Order occupation of the Colossus as well as the implication of some people legitimately being please is interesting. Just 4 TIE Fighters is considered a lot to be present on the station, and given how effective and seemingly small the First Order seems to the outside, this makes sense.

The show taking its sweet time to build up the Colossus beyond important people and places, but rather the overall atmosphere, has payed off wonderfully. The inevitable First Order occupation is something I have been looking forward to as being similar to the Dominion occupation of DS9 in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The station itself is a character, and so seeing it being taken over and locked down is that much more impactful.


Additionally seeing the First Order arresting aliens brings home what they really are, a fascist regime that does not just show up an impose in a comically evil way, but rather a way in which people are willing to sell out their neighbors for. The First Order is terrifying with only a handful of troopers, cause what they represent about everyone is more terrifying than sheer might.

2019-01-09 (2).png

However that is not to say sheer might is not a factor, as we see with Poe and Kaz exploring the remains of a former star system that Starkiller Base clearly got to. We have had our fair share of build up for giant superweapons recently, with Rogue One and Rebels doing so for the Death Star - so the series focus on the looming threat being placed more on the apathy and fearmongering that enables the First Order is a fantastic move. SKB’s might here is used less to show how powerful that weapon is, and more to remind the audience that Kaz’s homeworld and the entire Republic will soon be utterly destroyed due to a threat that is already prepared to strike.

The scene of Kaz and Torra seeing a broadcast of Hux’s speech from TFA is utterly terrifying and really drives home what makes them so scary. It is not the might, but rather the ideology that is most disturbing. Also while we have seen the hyperspace anomaly be seen in all kinds of other stories, I don’t think we have seen any heroes listening to Hux’s speech.

2019-01-09 (18).png

The other thing I love about this trailer is how much Castillon is being utilized, with the show finally utilizing the ocean in unique ways. We already know the next episode will be the long-awaited sea-monster story. Even more than that, we are seeing how this planet, and station are just another microcosm of the wave of destruction about to set in.

By setting this show during peace-times and having a protagonist who is only used to peace, the shock of the Colossus being submerged, Leia telling Kaz he needs to flee and get to the Resistance ASAP, and our heroes seeming utterly hopeless - and fledgling at best becomes so much more powerful.

It truly does feel like everything our characters have taken for granted is coming undone and the best they can do is keep their heads above water, pun intended. This situation gets Yeager to get involved again, but also has him telling Kaz to keep his head down and seemingly telling him not to try to save Tam ASAP. Compromises are going to have to be made, and even the optimistic fact of the Aces, Yeager, and the Fireball fighting the FO is not enough to change that we all know that for Kaz this will be a loss. His home, likely his family, and his military are all gone.

The trailer was amazing and only serves to remind me why I love this series so much. It makes the stakes feel more intimate and carry more weight than they perhaps have any right to given the scale and nature of the situation. The slow burn more than payed off, and seeing characters from earlier like the kids from Children of Tehar makes that so satisfying. Not to mention the trailer reminds us of the most important reason to keep watching, the animation is perfection.

Added miscellaneous thoughts: CB-23 seems to fully be taking over as Kaz’s babysitter given Poe has to take BB back for TFA. Also First Order aquatroopers are now my favorite thing, and I need all of the figures of them.