BREAKING Birds Of Prey First Look

We have our first look at DC’s “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” which is due to come out February 7th 2020. The film will be directed by Cathy Yan, adding even more diversity to superhero film directors. She is the first woman of color, to my recollection, to direct a DC, Marvel, or Star Wars film. The film was written by Christina Hodson, coming off of her directorial duties on Bumblebee. If nothing else the diversity behind the camera has made this film worth existing.

Right away I want to say that I have a very complicated mindset on this film, on one hand I am weary of the DCEU, as well as not liking the massive overuse of Harley in just about everything right now. On the other hand I am a massive Black Mask, Huntress, and Cassie Cain fanboy; however that honestly comes with even more fear. I am someone very picky when it comes to Black Mask and Huntress, and even am in the minority that are iffy on Huntress’ portrayal in the beloved Birds of Prey comics.

However this immense amount of anxiety still gives me the urge to really badly want this film to be good, so I will try not to be cynical as of yet. So thus far with this trailer we have shots of the characters standing in a mostly blank room. I really enjoy this type of teaser and first look so they have me interested.

Additional screencaps and first look photos are available and linked here

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli") is being portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winsted (Fargo, Sky High, and Scott Pilgrim) who most certainly looks the part. We only get very shadowy looks of her in these first looks.

The other first look photos showcase her iconic crossbow closely and her hood, a la the New 52 costume, with the midriff of the early 2000s suit seen here.


We get a first look at Black Canary (Dinah Lance) played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Friday-Light Nights and True Blood). The costume is not very visible, if that even is her combat suit, but the classic fishnets are present as one would expect. We see Dinah drinking in the trailer, and singing into a stage-mic.

Of course Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn returns, and seems to be the protagonist. Tired of Harley’s overuse as I may be, Robbie is amazingly talented and her enthusiasm for the role oozes off the screen, so I cannot wait for her reprisal of the role.

GCPD Detective Renee Montoya will be joining Harley as another Batman The Animated Series original character to be featured in this film. Montoya’s first film appearance will be performed by Rosie Perez (White Men Can’t Jump, and director for many eps of In Living Color). It is unknown if Renee will be assuming her role as The Question in this film, but given she is in normal clothes I am willing to bet she will be in a similar state to how she was after quitting the force in Gotham Central and when becoming The Question in 52.

Capping off our female lead heroes is Cassandra Cain in her live action debut played by Ella Jay Basco. While Cassie’s Rebirth identity of Orphan and her father David Cain will be in the upcoming finale season of Gotham, that version will be male, likely due to Cassie’s appearance in this film. The choice to have an actual kid play Cassandra, especially an unknown is another thing I am very elated over. So much is gotten across in our first image of her: unassuming, somewhat disheveled, and with a arm cast. I cannot wait to see Cassie kick some butt on screen. Ella is already doing so much with just an expression, which is certainly needed if they are sticking with the comics and having Cassandra be mute.

Onto villains we got our first look at Victor Zsasz played by Chris Messina (Argo, and The Mindy Project). Zsasz surprisingly has had 2 prior live action appearances (in Batman Begins and Gotham) compared to some of these character (namely Cassandra and Montoya) with less. His scars are not visible in this image, but Chris certainly looks the part, even down to having blonde hair which prior video game and live action versions ignore.

To cap it off we have the main villain, in his first (sorta) live action appearance Black Mask (Roman Sionis) portrayed by our beloved Ewan McCgregor, and do I really need to mention his most significant performance to our specific audience?….that’s right Christian in Moulin Rouge! Seriously though when found out Black Mask was in this film I lost a lot of interest as he is my second favorite Batman villain and one I think the comics themselves have failed for over 20 years now, particularly with his shift to being a Catwoman and Gotham City Sirens villain rather than the antithesis to Bruce Wayne that he perfectly was made to be. However casting Ewan in the role ensures my ticket without a doubt. He is clearly not wearing his mask in the trailer, which makes me somewhat worried that his mask burning to his face will be the fault of someone other than Robin (and Batman), but that remains to be seen. Otherwise Ewan looks very snazzy.

One final note, Steven Williams has been cast in an unknown role, I am just finding this out now, and that has now peaked my interest even more. He played Mr. X in The X-Files and has one of the single coolest voices I have ever heard.

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