Breaking: Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron will be a trilogy, and Tie-in Comic Announced

“Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron” is a book written by Alexander Freed which was announced at last year’s NYCC.

On the verge of victory in what seemed an endless war, five former rebel pilots transform from hunted to hunters as they strike out against the vestiges of Empire. Set after Return of the Jedi, Alphabet Squadron follows a unique team, each flying a different class of starfighter as they struggle to end their war once and for all.
— Alphabet Squadron's summary

Today StarWars.Com revealed not only the book’s cover and that it will actually be a part of a trilogy, but also that there will be a comic tie-in written by Jody Houser who along with the Thrawn and RO adaptations, has been all over the IDW Star Wars books. The series will be drawn by “Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith” artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.

From a certain point of view, the rebels are traitors to the Empire, putting the innocent people of the galaxy at risk. In the last days of the Galactic Civil War, an elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots, known as Shadow Wing, is assembled to protect Imperial interests.
— Synopsis from StarWars.Com

This feels almost like a reverse Inferno Squad to an extent, they were given a book tie-in and were hyped as the best of the best infantry and multipurpose troops when the Empire needed to show its might after the Death Star. Here will have solely pilots thrown together when the Empire has next to nothing left, and the Imperial team here is the focus of the tie-in only, and seem like they will serve as villains for their New Republic counterparts.

To the even larger news though, Alphabet Squadron being our long awaited new trilogy of novels is very exciting. There is a very clear intent to recapture the legacy of the old X-wing books and comics by Stackpole and Allston. With both series being shortly after Endor with the New Republic chasing down runaway Imperials. And now we know of an Imperial counterpart who will take the comic tie-in duties.

Knowing how influential those books were on many of the current Star Wars writers it is no wonder that they would carry on that magic for the new canon. Personally those books were what got me into the EU and made me really think about Star Wars on a different level as they were what got me into reading novels as a kid. Seeing that reignited couldn’t make me happier.

Also another female pilot leading a trilogy; nice!! I cannot wait to feel the Galactic Civil War stretched out a bit longer, as like many I felt the conflict was shortened a bit too much in the new canon. Getting the New Republic navy in its heyday will be a treat and give us a chance to see many of the TLJ ships which we know existed at the end of the war but have yet to actually see present. I really hope we get New Republic colors on the ships like Aftermath and Resistance have been doing.

Update: Wow more news this quickly: Del Rey has given more info on twitter here:

So that gives added intrigue for the comic, and the Hera detail is even more exciting given this will likely be our first story appearance of Jacen Syndulla. Speaking of animation characters, Yeager appearing may be likely at this point which is another big of hype for this series.

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