Breaking: Spider-Man: Far From Home First Trailer

After a previous postponement we finally have our first official look at Spider-Man: Far From Home.

No trailer breakdown, but I have to say I am incredibly pleased with what we are seeing. More focus on Peter’s classmates, Nick Fury being in the forefront again, Sandman!, Mysterio in his garb which looks amazing, Peter and May actually working to make Spidey even more of a local hero it seems, and of course freaking Hydro-Man and Molten-Man.

Never did I think I would see Hydro-Man or Molten-Man in live action. Topping off the villainy in this trailer is Jake Gyllenhaal ‘s Mysterio who seems to be using the facade of a hero. Suffice is to say I cannot wait till July 5th.

2019-01-15 (2).png

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