SPOILERS Colossus Communiques Star Wars Resistance: Bibo Review

Resistance kicks off the second half of its first season with an episode all about Superman’s bartender pal…..yes I know it is spelled and spoken differently but let me have this one ok? So yeah Resistance is back with another character driven, day in the life, style story. Bibo presents a challenge of an episode that is almost sitcom-esq half the time - and the other half is a Kaiju attack.

How does the episode pull this off? Well it is directed by Bosco Ng who previously directed {“Synara’s Score” and several late Rebels episodes including the finale and “In the Name of the Rebellion” part 2. As well as being written by Paul Giacoppo who has a long long long history with genre fiction including working as a VFX artists on the SE of ANH and on the Prequel Trilogy, as well as being the digital character model supervisor on Rogue One. That coupled with work on The Batman, Brave and the Bold, EMH, and the list goes on. Suffice to say, the episode was in good hands from the start.

Bibo has two interconnected plots, Neeku finding a new pet who he names Bibo; and all the antics that ensure; the other plot being Synara trying to deduce if Kaz works for the Resistance - leading to them trying to save the station from a giant sea monster.

To start off with the Neeku plot: this could have gone awry on so many levels, and while Neeku does not really learn to not be selfish which is a problem for a kids show; the episode does still portray Tam and the rest of the Colossus residents as relatable for wanting to feed Bibo to the monster when it appears to be the only way to save the station.

Tam and Yeager are annoyed by Neeku’s antics but do show that they really care, and while Neeku really does need to learn some give and take, it is still a treat to see our characters getting along this well.

Meanwhile Kaz and Synara search for old crashed Z-95 parts while Synara attempts to get the truth out of Kaz; after Kragan reveals that he suspects the pilots who saved Synara are Resistance operatives. While Kaz is super animated under pressure, he does not really act idiotic and the reason for Synara suspecting is natural and not to the detriment of Kaz’s character.

Their verbal sparring gets cut short by the sea monster, but this only furthers the stakes of the larger ongoing plot for these two. When the station is about to be attacked Kaz tries to activate the pirate raid alarm, leading to a subtle line from Synara making note of that info. I love how just like in Synara’s Score, she is shown to be competent and quick on her feet, without Kaz or anyone else needing to slip up.

Kaz’s response to the danger is easily the strongest part of the episode, we finally get to see the Fireball in action again and Kaz flies alongside Ace Squadron. Much like in Synara’s Score, Kaz is portrayed as competent when the situation is serious, doubly so when he is in a cockpit. Kaz gets right into the action, does not act entitled or try to take charge, and saves Griff much like how he saves his New Republic squadmates in the first episode.

Kaz is more and more coming into his own and with that comes the suspicions of Synara, and clearly the appreciation of Doza. We established he knows Kaz is a former New Republic pilot, but I assume his reaction to Kaz’s dog-fighting is indicating that he is considering putting him on station defense or is more suspicious of why he would leave the navy than ever.

Kaz’s effectiveness as a member of a squadron is something I have seen no reason to doubt, and it was great to showcase that he is a trained and impressive member of the NRDF. Syanara’s initial tip-off even comes from Kaz knowing his ship and specifically military history. Maybe this is due to my being a fleet junkie, but I relate to Kaz more and more when we see how passionate he is about flying.

On the whole the only misgiving I have is how the Neeku plot wraps up. The reveal that the monster is really Bibo’s mother is one that everyone had to have seen coming, but on the other hand this plot did allow us to see the rest of Team Fireball getting along which is important as we approach the end of the season.

Speaking of approaching the end, Kel and Elia appear again alongside the Chelidae which is nice. Oh and of course there is the fact that THE KIDS ARE FORCE SENSITIVE!?!? Elia in particular has a history of prophetic dreams that always come true, and Kel appears to be able to sense changes in the animal life. The implications, especially given Kylo destroying Tehar and wanting the two killed, are massive and I cannot wait to see where this goes.

All in all this episode was a great return to the series. It captured the strong characters, showcased a breathtaking action scene, subtly established plot threads, and was just plain fun. The ending gag in particular was just hysterical.

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