Breaking: DC Universe Has Its Stargirl

One of the many new shows for the DC Universe streaming service is Stargirl, based on Geoff John’s creation. Johns himself is writing and producing the series, which now has cast Brec Bassinger of Nickelodeon as Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl).

brec-stargirl casting.jpg

Stargirl has already made two live action appearances in her 19 year history. Sarah Grey portrayed the character in Legend’s of Tomorrow season 2, and Britt Irvin played the character in Smallville season 9’s special “Absolute Justice” which was written by John’s himself.

Despite my personal disillusionment with how Stargirl (and frankly all of the JSA) where treated in Legends of Tomorrow; I am actually quite excited for this. Stargirl is one of my favorite characters, and with Johns at the helm it is likely this series will be capable of really capturing the optimistic fun of the character. Perhaps it will serve as a counter-balance to the grim and gritty Titans; though I am just spit-balling.

Stargirl (1).jpg