Henry Cavill Has Left DC

The Hollywood Reporter has brought forth startling, yet not fully unsurprising, news about the future of the DCEU. Henry Cavill, the very star who kicked off the DC line of films with Man of Steel in 2013, is leaving his role as Superman.

According to THR, this decision came out of a discussion between Warner and Cavill’s agents at WME over scheduling conflicts involving the 35 year old actor’s cameo in the upcoming Shazam! film. This is not the first time Cavill has had a rocky relationship with Warner over scheduling conflicts; during the filming of Justice League and Mission impossible: Fallout - Cavill was caught between Paramount and Warner over his mustache for his role in MI. Leading to the now infamous solution of CGing the mustache out in Justice League to…..less than desirable results.


There has been several signs of reshuffling going on with the DCEU, from rumors of Affleck leaving, the Flash losing several directors, and the fact that Flashpoint will be the Flash movie which implies a soft reboot of some kind. If this report is true it is sad to see Cavill go, but perhaps a clean slate will be good. We just have to wait and see.

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