Jon Favreau Live Action Star Wars Series Rumors: Possible Mandalorian Focus.


Making Star Wars' reliable sources have informed them that the Jon Favreau live action series for the Disney streaming service will be about the Mandalorians. This is not the only rumor concerning the series as of late; The New York Times reported that the series will have a budget of 100 million for 10 episodes.

Knowing that this series is taking place 3 years after the Battle of Endor, it makes sense that a group like the Mandalorians might come into focus. They are an easy way to have a conflict with the Empire, without it being so big as to be a full galactic war. 


If this rumor is true, then there is a solid chance that we will see the power play going on between Bo Katan—who was leader of the Mandalorians when we last saw them in Rebels—and, most likely, Imperial friendly Mandalorians who don't want to lose control. Given that Favreau played Pre Vizla in The Clone Wars, one can expect that he is sure to honor the legacy of Death Watch in this series. We could perhaps even see a live action Sabine Wren, Fenn Rau, and the rest of clan Wren.

Discussing Film reports that the series is intended to begin shooting October 1st in Los Angeles.



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