DC's Doom Patrol TV Series Casts Cyborg.


DC's new TV series, based on the classic Silver Age comic Doom Patrol, has cast the role of Vic Stone aka Cyborg. Joivan Wade has been cast in the role, joining two other confirmed cast members: April Bowlby as Elasti-Girl and Diana Guerrero as Crazy Jane. 

Cyborg has been confirmed to be the one to put the team together. The Teen Titan has been pushed into being a Justice League founder for several years now, so it is not really much of a stretch. Not to mention what binds the Doom Patrol together is that they are all given powers by tragic accidents. In that, Cyborg is the perfect fit for a team like this. 


The series will be on the DC Universe streaming service next year, and will be a direct follow up to Titans. Elasti-Girl will carry over from Titans, though it is unknown if Cyborg will be present there as well. 

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