Shazam! Trailer Brings Hope Back To DC Films!

DC's Shazam!, by director David Sandberg is a film that we had heard confirmation of all the way back in 2014. The only casting news we had for the longest time was that Dwayne Johnson would be playing Black Adam. However in 2017 he was moved over to a Black Adam solo film. Despite having been very excited by the prospect of a film about DC's (well Fawcett's when you really think about it) Captain Marvel, I started to lose hope until we got casting info on Zachary Levi playing Shazam and Asher Angel as Billy Batson. 

The set photos that we saw a while back gave me a ton of hope for the optimism of the film. 

Shazam needs to be hopeful and so dang endearing you just wanna hug him. The trailer shown at SDCC fulfills my hopes perfectly. 

Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman has great chemistry with Zachary Levi. The two's antics are sure to be the highlight of the film. 

The film seems to be almost a superhero version of Tom Hank's BIG, which is a stroke of genius. The lighthearted, comedic tone is not just the right fit for the character, but also exactly what a lot of fans needed after the DCEU's (now "World's of DC") previous tone. 

In classic Captain Marvel fashion, they manage to make a story about an orphan and his disabled foster brother into a hopeful and upbeat story. Shazam looks like something fresh even contrasted to other superhero films with comedic tones, like Guardians of the Galaxy. 

If this film is fully in continuity with the other DCEU films is still up in the air, however the Batarang as well as newspaper clippings show that this does at least take place in an established DCU. The film seems to be taking a lot of notes from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Shazam run, that was the backup story for the New 52 Justice League. 

In particular it seems the film is pulling from Johns' take on Shazam's classic arch nemesis: Doctor Sivana, who has the same scarred magic eye. Mark Strong being cast as Sivana is inspired, and was a choice that I had not realized was perfect until I heard it. It would be so easy to use the star power of The Rock as Black Adam, but going with the guy who has been fighting the good Captain since his first apperence was the right call in my book. 

All in all I am very much excited for this movie. The trailer alone put a smile on my face for a whole day, and that is really what I wanted most from it. 

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