Pokemon Go Announces Raikou is Coming in Augusts Research Breakthough!

Huge News Trainers! The Official Pokemon Go Twitter just revealed the next global research task that is coming later next week in August!  For those who don't know, each month or so Pokemon GO releases and allows everyone to catch a special Pokemon through Professor Willow's daily Research Tasks. After 7 days of completing a tasks you get the reward of catching an exclusice Pokemon with a Legacy move(No longer able to learn or get in the wild) or you can catch a special legendary Pokemon. 

Today a tweet by Pokemon Go stated that the next research task for all of us Trainers will be Raikou, the legendary dog! We already have had these Pokemon as raid battles in the past, but now everyone will be able to encounter them! Make sure you all don't miss Registeel in raids now, and make sure to trade your oldest Pokemon to get those Lucky Pokemon! 

This Summer has been super full of fun events all around the world. Pokemon GO has come back ladies and gentleman! So make sure you are going out to Catch them all! What is your favourite event that has happened this summer? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook page or over on Out Twitter! 

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