Breaking: Darth Vader's Castle To Be Explored in Vader Ongoing and New Halloween Theme Mini from IDW

With its introduction in Rogue One, fans have been desperately wanting more information of Darth Vader’s castle of Mustafar. The Star Wars publishing panel at SDCC has announced that fans will be receiving two stories delving into the Darth’s home.

Charles Soule’s Darth Vader comic run will be embarking on a 7 issue arc focused on the Dark Lord of the Sith creating his castle. This story will begin with issue 23, however it has been building to this since the start for Soule as he said at the con: “It’s all been building to this. From the very beginning of the series, this was always going to be the big huge arc we were building to, which is where does he get that castle?”

We will not just be seeing the formation of the castle however; IDW’s Cavan Scott has been announced to be writing an anthology comic series titled “Tales from Vader’s Castle” with art from Derek Charm. The series will be released during the Halloween season, and will include 5 issues going throughout October.

Adventures of Wild Space character Commander Lina Graf will be part of a Rebel team that crash lands near the castle. The stories will be tales that the team members tell one another as they try to survive.

From the covers we can already tell that these tales will include: the Ghost crew, Dooku, Solo era Han and Chewie, Ewoks, and finally ending with Vader himself.

For more information check out Dan Brooks’ interview with the creative team on StarWars.Com.

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