Fallout 76 BETA Announcement!

Fans across the world were lit up by a surprise email from Bethesda Softworks this morning when thousands of Fallout 76 Beta confirmations went out today. For those of you who are living under a rock, Bethesda is launching Fallout 76 later this year and in the lead up to the games release they are hosting a B.E.T.A.(Break-it Early Test Aplication) to the people who pre-order the game this summer. 

We still have no idea when this beta will begin, what is involved or what it will be like. But judging from these emails I believe that it will be within the next two weeks. There was a leak back before E3 that something will be coming July 31st. Since we can only speculate I am guessing we will see the Beta's launch then or soon thereafter. 

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