Sony Announces Plans to Introduce Cindy Moon, aka Silk, from Marvel Comics In Standalone Film

In a surprising and out of nowhere announcement from Sony Pictures via an article published by Deadline, the major motion picture company is in development of introducing another character to its Spider-Man franchise with Cindy Moon, aka Silk. At the helm and in its pre-production stage is Amy Pascal who had a hand in producing the popular and well received, Spider-Man Homecoming, under Sony Pictures in association with Marvel Studios. 

In the comics, Silk was created by longtime Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos wherein Cindy is a Korean-American female heroine who possesses the powers of eidetic memory, shoots organic spiderwebs from her fingertips and has the agilities and powers similar, plus or minus a few, to that of the well-known web-slinger. 

There are no further details of who will be casted in the standalone film beyond that of actress, Tiffany Espensen, who played the role of "Cindy" in the aforementioned Spider-Man Homecoming film. It is interesting to hear that Sony/Marvel would make this announcement of a lesser known spider-related character relative to the more well known comic fan favorite "Spider-Gwen." If anything, the introduction of Cindy Moon into the MCU is a step in the right direction towards more inclusivity and diversity of the established Marvel film franchise. 

With this announcement also comes speculation as to whether or not the upcoming Venom standalone film starring Tom Hardy as the lead role will exist within the same cinematic universe and shared with Spider-Man and the other characters is yet to be determined. After all, there is a possibility of expanding and including more characters of the Spider-Verse especially since there was that easter egg moment in Homecoming where actor Donald Glover's character mentions having a nephew in Brooklyn (see Miles Morales) and the upcoming animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse may lay the foundation for future characters and films. As Kevin Feige put it, "Never Say Never."

Source: Deadline