"Valley" Game Review

(Xbox One, PS4, PC) 


Valley is a faced paced first person puzzle “shooter” released in 2016 on current gen systems and PC. Set in a mystical valley the protagonist discovers a suite used to explore the area during World War II to help uncover a force that could be used to create a weapon, the suite allows the ability to jump higher, run faster, and allows the player to bring cheaters who have died back to life, including yourself. Each time the player dies then and comes back a small part of the forest dies. This cool concept is actually one of the games biggest downfalls as there isn’t much life in the valley to start with leaving the consequence you’re supposed to feel hollow and empty.


Throughout the game the player finds add ones and power ups for the suite making it more powerful and useful throughout the game as you discover more of the forest and ruins. Graphically this game isn’t anything to write home about lacking a certain polish you might come to expect even for an “indy” title. The combat is almost non-essential to the game as you only encounter a handful of enemy’s that are both unintelligent and a non factor - Even the final boss is a bit of a disappointment. This games redeeming quality could be the depth of the story itself, although cletche and predictable, the story uncovered through finding the games collectibles and extra can be interesting.


Overall this game doesn’t live up to other games released recently but can be fun and provide a few hours of entertainment for what it is. Game completion is about 3-5 hours depending on how particular you are about unlocking everything and finding all the games not so well hidden secrets.

Overall 5.5/10 

Graphics 6/10

Length 3/10

Story 7/10

Replay Value: Very Little