Solo Box Office Boom or Bust?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally in theaters and out for your viewing enjoyment. I have already written my review on the film and what I liked and what I didn't a few days ago. But now it's time to see where this film landed in the box office. Was it a Blockbuster Hit or was it a disaster? Good reviews or bad, lets get into it!


Starting off right, The other reviews I have seen out there have been mixed. Some people hate it and some people love it. I am one of those people in the middle that think it with its faults and it flaws, was a good movie overall and I enjoyed it even more my second viewing. But it was far from perfect and that is evident in the box office opening weekend with $150,000,000 its 3-Day opening weekend looks like a bust sadly despite its triumphs as a Movie in my eyes. This Places it below Rouge One and The Last Jedi for the lowest opening Star Wars Movie to date. 

Now, despite the low turn out in sales, the reviews of the movie have been mostly positive for those fans who have seen it. Most people thought that it would be a disaster after production hell with this movie, with the change of Directors and the writing issues the film had. Despite all these issues the movie had, Ron Howard pulled it off even when re-shooting over 80% of the film it still released on time when Disney originally intended it to be out for the public to seen on May 25, 2018. I thought the film dis a bang up job as a film itself but had issues with it because of it being Star Wars. We all hope that the next installment drives more people to see it. We now have to wait another year and a half for Episode IX to be released so lets close this trilogy out with a home-run! Go Disney and Lucasfilm!