Battlefront II Solo Season - EA Play Gameplay Review


Han Solo is coming to a controller near you. That's right gamers, it's Solo season and you and your friends can start your adventure on the distant world of Kessel and play along side the rebels or the empire on this new map that has just been revealed and will be coming out this week. I was lucky enough be able to experience the map first hand today at EA Play here in Hollywood, California. Below will be my review and what I thought about the game, its graphics, and game-play. 

Starting off, I will say I am a avid gamer and I have played Battlefront II before. This game map lived up to my expectation, for those who aren't familiar with the Han Solo movie that was released a few weeks ago the map takes the main setting of the movie, Kessel and brings it to life in a vibrant yellow way. The map was beautiful and the game-play and gun play was smooth and polished just like any other battlefront map is. I am not the best with a controller so unfortunately I died a lot. The map takes you into the mines of Kessel where you play as a rebel or a Storm trooper to stop your enemy from advancing to their objective. The Falcon is present and if you want you can even shoot at it and cause some damage. 

I enjoyed my short demo I played at EA Play earlier today and I hope that you enjoy it when it is released later this week! Welcome to Season 2 Guys! Solo is here and ready to blast off. team up with me and play alongside Chewy, Han, lando, and more in this exciting expantion to the Battlefront II map selection! The map is avalible on Xbox One, PS4, and Pc. So Suit up and play!