SPOILERS Star Wars Resistance: Secrets and Holograms Review

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Secrets and Holograms is our first episode really dealing with Torra Doza, and the third episode in a row with a character other than Kaz having the focus. I am quite enjoying this change of pace, as we are furthering Kaz’s character by slowly expanding outwards and seeing him through other character’s interactions with him.

Torra has received the most screen-time of the Aces thus far, but this is the first time we really get to know her. She is lonely, overly sheltered by her father, and curious. It is a bit disappointing the episode did not acknowledge that Kaz is also a spoiled kid, but with the difference being that he has friends and a sense of community since he was a part of the navy.


Nearly the entire episode takes place in Doza Tower, which further drives home that separation between classes. For instance we see what may very well be the first canon screen appearance of a Bothan; and he charges exponentially more from Torra because she is so much richer. Torra being on the main station is treated as an anomaly and everyone crowds her to ask what the heck the captain i doing about the pirate attacks.

I can’t really begrudge any of the civilians; we find out here that the tower has two lounges. How is it that Doza can give his handful of pilots two lounges, but cannot afford power for the rest of the station in The High Tower? Speaking of which, Rucklin makes his first significant reappearance working at the second lounge. At first I thought the idea would be that Jace was so desperate to be a racer because he had to deal with the poor treatment of the Aces, but no he is just between jobs.

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The majority of the episode is spent with Torra and Kaz sneaking through the tower, as Doza does not want Torra to leave her quarters while Commander Pyre is present to negotiate. We get some nice slice of life elements like Torra playing a flight sim, though it does raise some questions about why it looks like an even less advanced version of the Kinect in terms of controls? Or why Kaz is really excited by seeing all the previous flight sims if he is so rich. Makes one wonder how long he has been away from not just the Navy, but home itself.

Something that has consistently impressed me about this series is characters being smart. Sure Kaz talks in the open to often, Doza does not seem to have cameras in the hallways from what we can tell; but Torra is far from gullible. She puts together that Kaz is a spy, and seems pretty much certain in the quite chilling final scene. We also find out that Doza has already learned that Kaz is a former member of the NRDF.

This episode has some very nice character moments, but I will say that despite everything being executed well - I was a bit less enthused than I have been the last few weeks. Perhaps it is because we are just now getting to know Torra, or cause it is somewhat of a bottle show and thus everything happens in a very enclosed space, or it is the fact that this is just adequate with introducing character traits and plot threads compared to the previous episodes.

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Even Fuel for the Fire and Triple Dark, both of which had far less going on, still had a bit more life to them than this episode did. I hesitate to say it is a matter of stakes, cause Kaz is almost caught several times; however most of the episode is just characters sneaking back and forth so any urgency becomes numb. It ends up becoming some nice character lines with nothing really impressing me like Tam’s disillusionment with Hype, Yeager’s complex dynamic with Marcus, or even Kaz feeling left out to dry by Yeager in Fuel for the Fire. It centers around Torra feeling lonely and curious about her father and Kaz, and ends with a decent amount of info solidified, but nothing really expanded in Torra’s character beyond what is driven home before the credits.

I don’t dislike the episode or anything, it is above average, there is just something leaving it feeling unfulfilling to me. Maybe this just speaks to what has been so good about the show thus far, we have had a lot of surprising revelations, world building, really mature character dynamics, solid humor, and a sense of community for the Colossus. For an episode that several times alludes to the class divide, beyond the one scene with the crowd becoming a mob, we never really see much of the rest of the station nor any of Team Fireball. It felt small, and not in a way that led to the audience feeling the isolation of the tower, cause we do leave the tower, we just don’t get anything really highlighting the difference. There is the trash incinerator scene which gave us something new and unique though.

I think I have grown really attached to Neeku and Tam at this point. Even the episodes in which they do little, they still give a sense of the daily grind of the station and a way of grounding Kaz. That was what made The High Tower so amazing. That episode was very similar to this one, and yet they did so much more with even less. It speaks not to this episode being weak, but this show being so strong on the whole. Also the use of a pee joke did not do this episode any favors.

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The big questions moving forward pertain to the secrets of the Doza family. Kaz finds Doza has an Imperial uniform in his office, and Torra seems to have ulterior motives at the end. Captain Doza being a former Imperial makes his authoritarian attitude all the more interesting. I honestly wonder if Hype in particular would straight up leave if he found out.