Breaking: Diego Luna Returns As Cassian Andor For Disney Streaming Service Series

Great streaming shows are built on hope!!! Today it was announced out of nowhere that Diego Luna is to reprise his rule as Rebel intelligence Captain Cassian Andor in an upcoming series for the Disney Streaming Service.

Obviously this series will be set prior to the events of Rogue One, while the Alliance is still fledgling and having to make desperate compromises. This series is a perfect pick for the streaming service, a spy show set during the dark times no doubt is going to be dark. The series format will also be a great way to allow for longer form storytelling, making whatever the mission is - feel very fleshed out.


That is all the news on the series thus far, but I want to talk some speculation and gush about the excitement. Part of what made Rogue One so special was that it was finite, that team of characters would never be in another story together, we just have to accept that and enjoy their stories set beforehand. It leaves us bittersweet in both the film, and in any prequel media with the cast.

One thing I lament is that Rogue One was fleeting, the elements it added to the lore are very present, but the tone itself, and these characters, and all my feelings wrapped up in them have been shelved with newer projects that have more of a future. This series is perfect cause it brings back the character I personally fell in love with from the film, and makes sure Rogue One is more than just another good addition to Star Wars supplementary material, but rather its own world within the franchise.


In terms of predictions - given that this is a prequel a large number of characters can appear in prominent roles. A strength of this series, and frankly any of the streaming shows, is that with films like Rogue One and Solo building new props and sets for classic assets, those materials are easy to access. No need to spend money on making a new T-65 X-wing CGI model, Rogue One made plenty, no need to make a new Massassi Temple, Rogue One has you covered, need an Imperial Class Star Destroyer bridge set or the Death Star overbridge? got that as well.

Rogue One and Solo have also done an amazing job of adding new designs to the Dark Times and Galactic Civil War. Shore troopers, TX-225 hovertank, AT-DP, TIE Strikers, AT-ACT, AT-Haulers, U-wings, Range Troopers, Death Troopers, and Arrestor class ISDs to name only a few.


They have also established several recasts for classic characters, like bringing back Genevieve O’Reilly as Mothma, recasting Jan Dodonna with Ian McElhinney, and recasting: Bob Hudsol, Anj Zavor, Ramus Antilles, General Romodi, Lando, Han, and of course Guy Henry as Tarkin.


With so much of the needed recasting done, a decent amount of minor rebel and imperial characters can be dropped into the series, along with new characters like General Merrick and Admiral Raddus. I know plenty of fans are already clamoring for Enfys Nest to be present in the series, with would be quite the pleasant surprise. Now this could be excessive wishful thinking, but given that the Ghost was in Rogue One, it is possible Vanessa Marshal could play Hera in live action in this series.

The possibilities are immense, I for one need Draven to show up given the fact that I seem to be the character’s biggest (if not only) fan. There is of course a solid chance that Alan Tudyk will return as K2-SO as Luna’s costar, only time will tell. Though if we are being honest, the only character that really needs to be in this series is Jabba, so Diego can finally french kiss Jabba.


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