"The Mandalorian" Jon Favreau's Star Wars Series Has An Official Title, Synopsis, and Set Photos as It Begins Filming.

Jon Favreau’s upcoming live-action Star Wars series has been the subject of much interest ever since its announcement in March of this year. MakingStarWars.net was the first to break the leak that the series (set 3 years after the events of Return of the Jedi) would be focused on Mandalorians. The leak was all but confirmed for months without much in the way of concrete info connected to the show until this week.

MakingStarWars once again broke big news, this time that the series was filming the first week of October. We got our first look at set photos along with that news. The link above (as well as several other articles on the site) contains the photos for those interested.

Today Favreau broke the silence on Instagram and confirmed the title and series premise. You no doubt read it at the top of the article so let’s speculate what it implies. The fact that this series is to take place far away from the New Republic’s influence, and by extension likely far away from Mandalore itself.

From the set photos we have of one of the planets in the series, which appears to be a less industrialized location.

Interestingly, the synopsis references Boba and Jango Fett; despite not calling them Mandalorians it does reaffirm that connection. The protagonist, “the lone gunfighter,” is also not referred to as a a Mandalorian outright. This could mean absolutely nothing; however, it does indicate that we are going to be playing with the idea that being Mandalorian is, for some at least, not connected to blood. That is all speculation of course.

StarWars.com has released the first official set photo as well as a list of several directors. The one that is the most intriguing is Dave Filoni directing the first episode.


What are your thoughts on the news, as well as this series overall?

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